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Wagyeria Ranch

Beef the Way Nature Intended

About Us

Before it hits your plate, industrial beef passes through no fewer than five different companies. It’s a system that’s harmful for animals, bad for the environment, and detrimental to flavor. At La Wagyeria, we believe that the future of beef lies in the time-honored practices of our past. We care for our full-blooded American Wagyu cattle from the moment they are born to the moment you take home an Organic Steak. They’re pasture-raised on verdant grassland, treated with respect, and butchered with care–resulting in more sustainable, responsible, and delicious beef that’s decentralized from the harmful practices of the meat industry.

You won’t find our beef in grocery stores: we keep our herds small so that each animal can be raised with the care and attention that creates the most delicious beef. Get La Wagyeria shipped straight to your door by ordering online or come see us at one of our butcher shops for the same personal touch your grandma enjoyed at her local counter back in the day. Our master butchers can tell you about the ranch, introduce you to new cuts, and give you cooking tips to uplevel your next dinner party or family meal.


To raise the best cattle, you need sun, grass, and lots of water. Our ranch in Okeechobee, Florida provides the perfect environment for our grass-fed American Wagyu cattle. In Okeechobee, our cattle graze on pasture grass all year long. The result is cleaner, healthier beef with more omega-9s and healthy monounsaturated fats than olive oil and wild-caught salmon. With ripples of flavorful marbling, our meltingly tender beef has a buttery richness only found in full-blooded Best American Wagyu.

Our Story

La Wagyeria got its start one late night in Miami. After a few too many beers, our three founders started getting emotional about their love for land, cattle, and the old ways of ranching passed down through generations. Inspired by our ancestors–who farmed barley in Spain, drove cattle in Nicaragua, and sold the finest beef in Venezuela–La Wagyeria is a continuation of our family legacy here in the heart of America. Raising American Wagyu cattle the old-school way, we create the most delicious, responsible, and nutritious beef in the United States.



Our American Wagyu is rich in "good fats" known as monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) that positively affect cholesterol levels. It contains nearly 300% more MUFAs than regular beef, making it easier for your body to break down.

This high MUFA content, along with its marbled fat, sets Wagyu apart from other beef types. Furthermore, Wagyu contains stearic acid, which has a milder impact on cholesterol compared to traditional beef fat. This makes Wagyu a healthier choice than lean meats, similar to the benefits found in nuts and olive oil.


Our Wagyu beef stands out for its low cholesterol levels, even lower than fish or chicken. It also has reduced saturated fat compared to other beef types, thanks to the presence of the enzyme delta 9-desaturase, which converts saturated stearic acid into unsaturated oleic acid. This transformation lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke.


Our Wagyu beef contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid. CLA is available as a supplement and is associated with benefits for weight loss and heart health.


Fats traditionally offered more calories per gram (9 calories) than protein and carbs (4 calories), making fat reduction a common approach to calorie control and weight loss. Recent research suggests that diets with moderate-to-high levels of monounsaturated fats (MUFAs), such as those in Wagyu beef, may aid in weight loss and body composition improvements. High-MUFA diets were found to promote weight loss benefits comparable to low-fat diets, aligning with the principles of the Keto diet.


Protein is essential for health, providing sustained energy, muscle strength, and a feeling of fullness. With a generous 22 grams of protein in a four-ounce serving, Wagyu beef is a smart choice for those seeking a healthy and weight-conscious diet.